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Lycia is the ancient name of the peninsula between Antalya and Fethiye on Turkey’s southern coast, where the Taurus mountains sweep down to the sea. The name comes from the Hittite word “Lukka” which meant light. Hence, Lukkia or Lycia, ‘the Land of Light’ certainly deserves this name with over 250 sunny days in a year. It is a region where the mountains meet the sea. High, rocky coasts and beautiful, sandy beaches from the magical stage from where you can enjoy stunning sunsets and glorious views across the endless Mediterranean. The long-distance route, the Lycian way, links Lycian and Roman roads, Seljuk and Ottoman caravan routes, mule trails, goat paths and forestry tracks in a 540 km walk along the spectacular coast. The route passes through ruins of many ancient Lycian cities and visits the most worthwhile spots on the coast. It is a walk through history where you will hear of the Lycian League and Alexander the Great, pirates and sea trade, early christian mountain monasteries, marching armies and monumental tombs. And let’s not forget the richness of the nature with an abundance of spring flowers, orchids, pine and cedar forests, butterflies and birds, all to be discovered on your walk along the Lycian Way.

Seasons: 12 Months

Difficulty Level: Moderate

Price: € 875