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14 Days Best of Lycia Treking and Culture

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Slider 1 Initial region Lycia
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Lyican Way Trekking in 14 days Best sections

Best of Lycia




Lycian Way Trekking: Nature, Trekking, History along Mediterranean Coast of Lycia


Lycia is the ancient name of the peninsula between Antalya and Fethiye on Turkey’s southern coast, where the Taurus Mountains sweep down to the sea. The name comes from the Hittite word “Lukka” which meant light. Hence, Lukkia or Lycia, ‘the Land of Light’ certainly deserves this name with over 250 sunny days in a year. It is a region where the mountains meet the sea. From high, rocky coasts and beautiful, sandy beaches of the magical stage, you can enjoy stunning sunsets and glorious views across the endless Mediterranean. The long-distance route, the Lycian way, links Lycian and Roman roads, Seljuk and Ottoman caravan routes, mule trails, goat paths and forestry tracks in a 540 km walk along the spectacular coast. The route passes through ruins of many ancient Lycian cities and visits the most worthwhile spots on the coast. It is a walk through history where you will hear of the Lycian League and Alexander the Great, pirates and sea trade, early Christian mountain monasteries, marching armies and monumental tombs. And let’s not forget the richness of the nature with an abundance of spring flowers, orchids, pine and cedar forests, butterflies and birds, all to be discovered on your walk along the LycianWay.
Overland Travel offers several trekking programs along this route. The best 3 of them are West Lycian Way Trekking, East Lycian Way Trekking and Best of Lycian Way.  You can choose for a guided group departure or self-guided format. We are very happy to create a tailor-made program that fully fits your personal wishes.



Day 1 International flight to Antalya or Dalaman Airport

Our guide will be meeting you at the airport and transfer to Antalya or Fethiye.

Transfer distance: Dalaman airport to Fethiye hotel 45km- Antalya airport to Antalya hotel 10 km.

Antalya to Fethiye is 190km.

Hotel in Fethiye or Antalya


Day 2 Fethiye   Kayakoy   Oludeniz

We will visit the city of Fethiye, the largest Lycian coast town  and built on the ruins of the old Telmessos. Here we visit  the old town sites, such as a necropolis, a huge stone sarcophagus, a Roman theater or the splendid tomb-temple of Amintas, dug in the rock in 350 BC. Later we will go to Kayakoy, the largest ghost town in Asia Minor. This population was home to thousands of Greeks until the end of  First World War in 1918, and then  Turkey gained independence and its inhabitants were sent to an area near Athens. Today the city has been very well preserved and it is possible to visit about 800 Greek-style houses and two beautiful Orthodox churches chapels and cisterns. We will continue our route to Oludeniz, an idyllic place by the sea with pine trees as a backdrop and that owes its name (dead sea) to a lagoon located at the western end of the beach, which is protected by hills and a narrow canal keeping calm its transparent waters even during the worst storms. We will return by car to Fethiye, where we will sleep today.

Hotel standard hotel, included meals:B L

Distance: 12 kilometers

Duration: 4 - 5 hours

Ascent: 200 meters

Descent: 350 meters



Day 3 Ovacik to  Faralya via Kozagac  Panorama  of  Butterfly Valley

Today's spectacular route winds along the shoulders of the Baba Dagi along a spectacular and panoramic path, which runs parallel to the coast. The ascent continues smoothly and rewards you with fabulous views of the long sandy beach of Turkey.  We will pass through lush pine forests and remote villages before descending to Faralya, located on a small plateau above the Butterfly Valley, where the steep limestone cliffs fall over the sea. It is one of the most amazing biotopes that exist and a paradise for lepidopteron, it depends on the season, if we are lucky, we can check in its entire splendor why the name of this valley.

Hotel: Faralya Guest House, included Meals: BLD

Ascent: 400 meters

Descent: 350 meters


Distance: 15 kilometers

Duration: 6 hours


Day 4 Faralya - Gey

Following one of the sections of the famous Lycian route, the day begins in ascent, through a pine forest until reaching an open area of ​​terraces with spectacular views of the villages, as well as the sea and some distant islands. We descend to the village and pass through the town of Kabak. Bordering the highest slopes of the town we follow an ancient path that ascends through a pine forest to the small village of Alinca. There we will have a more than deserved lunch with the villagers before continuing the road, above some of the most beautiful bays of this spectacular coast. A final part of track reaches Gey, where the rural accommodation is located where we will spend the night. It is a very simple place, which offers the possibility of knowing better the way of life of the hospitable inhabitants of this beautiful region.

Hotel: Village guest house, included meals: BLD

Distance: 19 kilometers

Duration: 7 hours

Ascent: 600 meters

Descent: 250 meters


Day 5 Gey - Sidyma - Patara

The fields of cultivation of Gey will give us good morning before taking a narrow path that will take us between olive groves and from where to see the celestial waters of the sea. Later we will ascend between orchards to end up going down to the Sydima to visit its ruins of the ancient city. We will eat in a family home and after a short break we will go to Xanthos, the first capital Lycia and one of the leading cities of the Lycian League, one of the first democratic unions in history. The Lycians were one of the first civilizations in the Mediterranean to ask to fight for their independence. Writers like Herodotus and Homer highlight in many of their stories the bravery of Lycian warriors. We can see some remains of this glorious civilization on the east bank of the Esen River. Xantos was named a World Heritage City in 1988. After the visit of Xanthos we will go to another city that holds the same title, Patara, capital of the Lycian League in Roman Period. Transfer to our accommodation in Patara.

Hotel: standard hotel, included Meals: BLD

Distance: 9 kilometers

Duration: 3 - 4 hours

Ascent::450 meters

Descent: 350 meters


DAY 6 - Follow the route of the aqueduct to Patara Beach

Following the route of the of aqueduct from Delikkemer to Patara we hike across fertile rolling fields and through pine forest, enjoying beautiful coastal views before descending to the southern end of Patara Beach. Here we have an opportunity to swim and explore the extensive ruins of ancient Patara, the birthplace of Saint Nicholas. We transfer to Kaş after hikin. Accomodation in Kaş. Included meals B

9km 4 hours trekking


DAY 7 - Walk to ancient port of Aperlae; Kekova Bay boat trip

This morning we hike to the hamlet and ancient port of Aperlae and from there by boat to the castle-topped village of Simena, possibly one of the most beautiful settings on the Mediterranean. A tiny village accessible only on foot or by boat (it has no roads), its harbour is dotted with ancient sarcophagi (tombs), Roman baths and houses that cling to a hillside beneath a medieval castle. Hiking up to the castle we find within its walls a tiny ancient theatre (the smallest in Lycia, with a seating capacity for about 300 people). Carved from the solid rock it is a wonderful place to sit and soak up the beautiful surroundings and layers of history. En-route to Simena we visit the sunken city of Kekova by boat where you can enjoy a BBQ lunch on board. The results of various earthquakes, the partly submerged streets and buildings are visible in the crystal clear waters and there are visible mosaic pavements, terracotta amphorae, walls and staircases that once formed part of this remote island community.

Today's 10 kilometre walk is expected to take around three hours with 100 metres of ascent.

Overnight in Kekova

Included meals BL, boat trip




Day 8  Ucagiz  - Kapaklı Myra Ciralı

We start the day from Hotel from  Uçagiz, a small fishing village  to Kapakli. Along the way we can visit the necropolis of the ancient city of Teimusa and its medieval castle as well as liven up our road with the sounds of goats and sheep that populate this area. We will finish our walk in Kapakli, and then transferred to Demre and possibility of visiting ancient city Myra where is St Nichalos birthplace. Then we transfer to our accommodation in Demre

Hotel  standard hotel, included meals: B  D

Distance: 15  kilometers

Duration: 3 - 4 hours

Ascent: 100 meters

Descent: 100 metes



Day 9 Cultural Exploration by car, Visit Hoyran ancient city, Trysa, Kyenai, Soura, Andriake, Limyra, Rhodiapolis

Today we explore archeological sites Hoyran, Trysa, Kyenai, Soura, Andriake and transfer to Cirali for our accomodaiton to Karaoz village.

Cultural tour day 7 ancient site in one day.




Day 10- Karaoz Gelidonya Adrasan Trekking

Gelidonia Cape Since Adrasan, hiking along a coastline increasingly wild and cut to Cape of Gelidonia. The trail is very airy, always above the sea. İn the culminating point, descent of the lighthouse of Gelidonia built in the late 19th century by the French. The site offers a fantastic view of the cape and the "Bech Adalar" off the small archipelago.We reach Adrasan in 6 hours total 18 km tekking distance.



DAY 11 -  Adrasan - Olympos

Short transfer by a local car to the end of the beach where opens a small valley and the ancient site of Olympus. The ruins are hidden in the vegetation and you will find the theater, the city gates, mosaics and tombs which are especially characteristic of the Lycian civilization. From the ancient city, a path rises on the north side of "Musa Dagi" (Mount of Moses). In the afternoon, the descent of a very wild valley takes you to the small agricultural valley of Adrasan and its large sandy beach. Swimming and night in Adrasan. Transfer : 5min Accomodation: pension Meal : B L D Walk : + - 800m ; 15,5 km


Day 12 Cirali ulupinar Trekking

Another great day, with a gentle descent this morning through pine woods and along an exposed track, though rewarded with views, to your lunch at Ulupinar (the Şelale restaurant has tables set on platforms in a stream and the Havuzbaşi has eating areas high above the gardens and a fireplace, lit in winter and cold weather. The Havuzbaşı is a trout farm, and the food in both places, using locally grown vegetables and fresh fish or lamb, is excellent). Your afternoon, possibly weighed down by an excellent trout meal, is down a pretty valley, before rising sharply to crest a saddle and your first glimpse of flames issuing forth from the soil. A tricky descent (loose underfoot) is rewarded by the true Chimaera – an expanse of open rock seemingly the aftermath of last night’s mass barbecue but in fact a natural eruption of eternal flame – read more in your blue booklet. You arrive finally at the huge beach of Çıralı, and your next night’s stay a moment from the sea. Easy-medium: 3  hrs, 8km, CUSs 300m)

Incuded meals B



Day 13  Tekirova- Phaselis – Alacasu Cove then transfer to Antalya old Town

On our last day along the Lycian coast, we start our walk towards very well located historical site Phaselis.  Phaselis has three harbors: the 'Northern Harbor', the 'Battle Harbor' and the 'Protected (Sun) Barbour', of which the last is the most important today. A 24-metre-wide ancient street runs through the middle of the city. The 'Hadrian Waterway Gate' is on the southern part of the street. There are ruins of shops and stores on the sides of the street and near these are ruins of public places such as Roman baths, agoras and theatres. These structures are dated to the 2nd century BC. There are water canals between the town centre and the 70 m plateau. There are also numerous sarcophagi. The walk would take us to the hidden cove along the time forgotten trails with spectacular views. In the afternoon, we will be transferred to the historic city center of Antalya called Kaleici. We will have the opportunity to finish our trip very relaxed visiting a typical Hamam. We will have our farewell dinner at a restaurant.

Hotel standard hotel, included meals: B

Distance: 7,5  kilometers

Duration: 3  hours

Ascent: 150 meters

Descent: 150 meters


Day 14  Transfer to Antalya Airport

Tour ends and group transfer to the airport is organized in a set time. (25 minutes distance) .

Included meal B


English or Spanish speaking guide

All accommodation standard hotels pensions

 11 Breakfast, 6 Lunch, 6 Dinner

All transfers

Boat trip on day 7


Entrance fees to sites mentioned

Personal expenses

Meals not mentioened



Trip Information

Price : 2 pax :  1550 € pp

1 pax : 2900 €

3 pax: 1200 €

4 pax + : 990 €


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