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Trekking Julian Alps in Slovenia

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Slider 1 Initial region Slovenia
Slider 1 Duration 8 Days
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  • Ascent to Triglav, an emblematic mountain that is the object of worship for the Slovenian people.
  • Demanding trekking in the Julian Alps with a great variety of landscapes.
  • A territory with the highest proportion of forests and green areas in Europe.

This mountain trekking  in Slovenia takes place inside the Triglav National Park , in the heart of the Julian Alps , where we find the mythical Triglav peak (2864 m.), The highest point of the massif and the country and to which we will ascend.

A route with a great variety of landscapes, such as wide and spectacular alpine valleys, sharp and breathtaking rocky peaks and ridges, beautiful and hidden mountain lakes, dense forests, karst phenomena, and different formations that vary from 500 to almost 3,000 meters altitude. Furthermore, the park is also very rich and varied in flora and fauna, with several endemic species of plants due to its location between the cold Alpine north and the warm Mediterranean south.

Sandwiched between Austria and Croatia, and also sharing a border with Italy and Hungary, is the interesting little country of Slovenia . More than half of its territory is made up of forests and green areas , the highest proportion in Europe after Scandinavia. In addition, much of the country is mountainous, culminating in the northwest with the impressive and little-known Julian Alps . Its peaks are rugged and rise dramatically from wooded valleys, forming magnificent and surprising karst labyrinths.

Day 1 International flight - Ref. Ticarjez Dom (1620 m.)
International flight and transfer to the Ticarjez Dom refuge , in the Kranjska Gora area , where we will spend the night. If we have time, we can make a short ascent to the top of the Slemenova peak (1909 m.), Located in an incomparable setting and considered one of the most beautiful routes that can be done in the Julian Alps .
Distance: 5.5 kilometers
slope: 300 meters Descent slope: 300 meters
Day 2 Ref. Ticarjez Dom - Ref. Pogacnikov Dom (2050 m.)
In the first stage of the trekking we will enter the high Slovenian mountain from the north, under the walls of the south face of the Prisank peak (2547 m.), From where we will also enjoy a great view of the greenery of the Mlinarica valley , providing a curious contrast to the route. We will arrive at the spectacular hill of Sedlo Planja (2349 m.), An excellent viewpoint of the Julian Alps . A short descent will take us to the Pogacnikov Dom refuge , where we will spend the night. In the afternoon, if we want, we can make a short walk to see the beautiful and hidden lakes of Krisko, located in a spectacular high alpine mountain setting.
Distance: 9 kilometers
slope: 1025 meters Descent slope: 500 meters
Day 3 Ref. Pogacnikov Dom - Ref. Koca Pri Triglavskih Jezerh (1685 m.)
In today's stage, the most demanding of the trekking, we will cross a large part of the massif from north to south to get to know the Valley of the Seven Lakes . It is a spectacular and beautiful valley of glacial origin along which there are seven lakes, each with its own peculiarities and personality. It is one of the most beautiful routes that can be done in the National Park. Before reaching the head of the valley, we will also cross the range of the Bovski Gansovec peak (2391 m.), We will pass by the breathtaking north face of Triglav , we will descend a section through the beautiful Korita valley , and we will pass a spectacular high mountain pass very close to the summit of Kanjavec peak(2568 m.). Always accompanied by the imposing silhouette of the Triglav , who will give us long teeth. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most complete and varied crossings of the many that can be made in the Park that will not leave us indifferent. Dinner and accommodation at the Koca pri Triglavskih Jezerh refuge , next to the incomparable setting of Lake Dvojno .
Distance: 17 kilometers
slope: 1150 meters Descent slope: 1550 meters
Day 4 Ref. Koca Pri Triglavskih Jezerh - Bohinjsko Jezero (525 m.)
Today we will make a descent to the town of Stara Fuzina , next to the well-known Lake Bohinj . The environment in which this large lake is located is one of the most beautiful in Slovenia , with steep wooded slopes that rise directly from the water, and therefore it is one of the favorite tourist destinations of all who come to know the mountains from this country.
We will get to the lake by taking a comfortable route, in which we change the rocky high mountains for bucolic alpine pastures, and in which we will also visit the spectacular Savica waterfall , the most famous and most visited in Slovenia . With two waterfalls of 38 and 51 meters and located in a fairytale place, its waters flow into theLake Bohinj three kilometers below. The final stretch of the route is a pleasant walk along the shores of this lake until we reach our accommodation. Rest of the day at leisure to rest, walk around the lake or its surroundings, visit or shop in the town of Stara Fuzina , or visit the commemorative statue of the first ascent to Triglav in the adjoining town of Ribcev Laz .
Distance: 14 kilometers
slope: 30 meters Descent slope: 1160 meters
Day 5 Bohinjsko Jezero - Ref. Vodnikov Dom (1817 m.)
Today we will make the ascent to the Vodnikov Dom refuge , which will be the base for the attack on the Triglav summit the next day . It is a somewhat demanding stage, with a significant ascent difference between lush beech forests and impressive limestone gorges, but which we can comfortably do after having regained strength with yesterday's relaxed stage. We will pass through the Jezerski pass , from where we can optionally ascend to the top of the nearby Jezerski Stog peak (2039 m.). A comfortable descent through the beautiful landscape of Malo Polje and a short final climb will leave us at the Vodnikov Dom refuge., where we will have the afternoon to rest for tomorrow.
Distance: 14 kilometers
slope: 1530 meters Descent slope: 270 meters
Day 6 Ref. Vodnikov Dom - Triglav (2864 m.) - Ref. Dom Valentina Stanica (2332 m.)
Today is the star stage of the trek : the ascent to the top of the mythical Triglav . We will leave early in the direction of the Dom Planika refuge (2401 m.), From where we will ascend to the eastern edge of the peak, the easiest, where we will attack the summit. The ascent to Triglav is equipped in the last meters with a railing and a safety cable, and depending on the group we could make use of belaying elements for this section. After reaching the summit, we will return to the Dom Planika refuge , and from here on a short journey through a spectacular high mountain setting we will reach the Dom Valentina Stanica refuge., where we will spend the night and exchange impressions about the achievement achieved.
Distance: 10 kilometers
slope: 1190 meters Descent slope: 670 meters
Day 7 Ref. Dom Valentina Stanica - Mojstrana (661 m.)
The last stage of the trek is a long descent to the town of Mojstrana , but no less interesting for that, making an exciting descent along the Cez Prag trail . This path descends the north face of Triglav in a dizzying way through unlikely places to the head of the Vrata valley , losing 1000 meters of unevenness in a very short distance. From here, a long and gentle descent through the interior of this beautiful valley following the course of the Bistrica river will leave us in Mojstrana , one of the most important towns in the valley and that we will have the opportunity to visit and walk through its streets.
Distance: 18 kilometers
Downhill slope: 1670 meters
Day 8 Transfer to the airport and return flight.
On the last day a vehicle will take us to the airport, where we will take the flight back, thus ending this spectacular trekking.


  • Qualified mountain guide during the trip.
  • Travel assistance, accidents and mountain rescue insurance.
  • Transfers to and from the airport by private vehicle.
  • Accommodation in all mountain huts in a shared room.
  • Breakfasts and dinners during mountain days.
  • Mountain rescue and accident insurance.
  • International flight.
  • Supplements for individual overnight stays (not available in the case of mountain accommodations)
  • Personal self-protection equipment and technical material: helmet, harness and anchor line - dissipator.
  • Trip cancellation insurance. (+ € 35).
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