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A day around Konya: Home of rumi and whirling dervishes

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Whirling Dervishes Museum




A day around konya: Home of rumi and whirling dervishes


One of the largest cities of Turkey, Konya is a highly historical city marking the western end of the Cappadocia region. “Catalhoyuk”, one of the first villages ever established by the mankind is situated in Konya. Konya was not only the capital of the glorious Seljukids but also a spiritual center due to the settlement of the renowned Sunni philosopher “Rumi” in the 13th century whose shrine we will pay a visit. Being in the middle of the medieval trading routes, Konya is surrounded with colossal caravanserais one of which we will explore on our tour. We will also get to watch a whirling dervishes ceremony.


We will start our day driving from the Cappadocia region. Our first stop will be at a Seljukid heritage called Sultanhani, a caravanserai built circa 1200. A network of these masonry inns was constructed at certain intervals during the Anatolian Seljukid period in order to facilitate the silk route trading.


Next, we will continue onto Konya and visit the lodge of Whirling Dervishes, the eternal rest place of Rumi, his family and his avid followers. We will also take the opportunity to explain the doctrines of his philosophy.


Konya stands out with thin crispy pizza like snacks that are served with various toppings in butter. Okra soup is also a must to try as well as tandoor lamb.


When we had back to Cappadocia, we will stop at Catalhoyuk. Discovered in 1954 by the British Archeologist James Mellaart, Catalhoyuk turned out to be one of the first villages founded in the world which was established in the New Stone Age (circa 7000 BC).


Before we call it a day, we will visit a cultural center in Cappadocia to watch the Whirling Dervishes Ceremony which will complete picture for Rumi’s order and its significance.




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