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Oinoanda Seki Girdev Lake Tour

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Slider 1 Initial region Onioanda
Slider 1 Duration 1 Day
Slider 1 Language English
Slider 1 Price € 100 / person
  • Onioanda, Homes of Diogenes of Lycia
  • Philosophical inscriptions by the Epicurean, Diogenes of Oenoanda
  • Seki, Summer town of Fethiye
  • Girdev Lake, located on 2200 m altitude
  • Nomadic life of local Yoruk's

We meet you in your hotel or in a meeting point decided by you 

We drive 1 hour to Onioanda, start trekking 45 minutes up to 1400 metre from 1200 metres altitude. 

We trek and see ruins such as theatre, agora, esplanade, bath, tombs, city walls and talk about  the philosophical inscription by the Epicurean, Diogenes of Oenoanda. 

We talk about wine, philosophy, local life style, culture, history and modern culture

We would drive Seki for lunch

Then take dirt road up to 2500 metre high up tp mountain pass to descent Girdev Lake. Depending on time of the year we take jeeps from Seki to Girdev for that part of the tour

We have fabolous view of Lake, more historical tombs from Lycia next to lake and local culture Yoruk's lifestyle

We drink tea with locals 

We  return to back home in the evening

"Dioskouroi" means the lad of Zeus.
This name is given to Leda's sons, Kastor, and Polydeuskes.
Zeus was with Leda in the form of a swan, same night Leda also slept with her mortal husband Tyndareos. She gave birth to Helen of Troy and Polydeukes from Zeus and Castor and Clytamnestra from Tyndareos.
Kastor and Polydeukes have never separated from each other. They became the symbol of brotherhood and friendship
In order not to separate these two brothers from each other, Zeus took them up to the sky and the Gemini was born like this.

Carlos García Gual. "The wise way to happiness. Diogenes of Enoanda and the great Epicurean mural".
It is the translation and comments by Carlos García Gual of the fragments of the wall of Enoanda (present-day Turkey). The wall was ordered to be built in the 2nd century AD. by the wealthy Epicurean Diogenes of Enoanda, and includes various fragments of Epicurean letters and treatises, some authored by Diogenes and others by Epicurus, such as Epicurus's letter to his mother
It is estimated that the wall was about ninety meters long by three high, and is one of the most important sources, and unusual for the way in which it was preserved, as far as Epicurean philosophy is concerned.

Oinoanda, the small city of mountainous Lycia, is an indication that the dynamic of cultural development is not only in the centres.
A similar philosophical text engraved on stone found at Oinoanda, inscribed on papyrus, was also found in the ancient city of Herculaneum in the Bay of Naples. The inscription at Oinoanda was inscribed on the back wall of the stoa by an epicurean philosopher named Diogenes, who lived in the 2nd century AD. Let us not confuse Diogenes of Oinoanda with his namesake from Sinope. Both the period in which Diogenes of Sinop lived and the school of philosophy he belonged to are different.
The inscription consists of 25,000 words with a length of 80m and a height of about 4m. After remaining intact for 150 years, it was used in parts for the construction of the city's outer walls, different structures or as statue bases, and much later it was used in the construction of the houses that exist today near the city of Oinoanda.
I am quoting parts of the inscription here, I think you will be interested
“I, Diogenes of Oinoanda, friend of the Athenians, am writing you a summary of natural philosophy here.
Many people have misconceptions about the nature of things and fail to listen to their bodies in a way that deserves a fair reprimand.
These people do not understand that while the soul can live well with the natural pleasures of the body, many of the soul's desires are excessive and difficult to achieve. These useless desires do not contribute to our nature, but they are also dangerous.

The number of these people who have wrong ideas about life is increasing day by day because they catch the disease from each other like sheep... I had this wall built to announce the remedies that will bring salvation to everyone.

Luxurious food and drinks do not protect you from nasty diseases, nor do they keep your body healthy. Owning unnatural riches is as unnecessary as adding water to an already overflowing bottle. True value cannot be found in theatres, baths, perfumes and creams but only with the help of natural science

Oinoanda is also a difficult place to reach

  • Professional Guide
  • Driver, Vehicle, Petrol, Parking fees,
  • Lunch
  • Personal expenses
  • Drinks
Trip Information

Please have your trekking or walking shoes for this tour, we need to walk 2 hours in Onianda sightseeing tour. 

Please be aware of we are desending from sea level up to 2500 metres by car  in a day and consider high altitude sickness peroblems couses

This tour could be customized and we can pick you from Fethiye, Gocek, Kas, Kalkan, Dalyan, Marmaris or Antalya

Please contact us for more information 

  • Programmes may customized and personalized due to your requests.
  • The cost of this tour is changeable according to your travel dates and number of your group
  • Please let us know your travel dates to check our private tour cost.
  • You can make any changes on the programe, if our programs are not suitable for you
  • We can work together on your itinerary



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